Monday, February 23, 2009

Bits from Nicholas

"Wizard of Oz, quizer de laz," are the magical words that came from Nicholas' mouth yesterday. I swear, one day he is going to be a poet, just like me- maybe even a songwriter. He can belt out rhyming tunes so easily and his imagination, well...let me give you an example.

We were driving back from the store on a beautiful sunny day when out of the blue, Nicholas said, "Can you believe God made all this?"

What wise words coming from my five-ear-old, I thought.

"Everything, that is, but us," he added quickly.

Where should I go with this, I asked myself as I crossed a busy intersection.

"Then who made us?" I finally decided to say.

There was a long silence, and I could see in the rearview mirror that Nicholas was thinking hard about this, wheels turning in his head.

"Well God made robots first, then He made us." Another pause. "God just wanted to see what we'd be like first."

Wise words from such a young boy. God is in charge of our lives. We are simply "robots" playing our small part in the big picture of life.


Lisa Grissom said...

Excellent! If he grows up to be a poet or songwriter, tell him to look me up! Maybe we could represent him! said...

what a wonder kid you have. Keep on keeping a record of his wise sayings.

Carol Weishampel

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I love that kid!!!!! And his mom!

Jeni said...

Wow ~ that is beautiful. Must have been music to your ears and warmth in your heart.

great job mommy!