Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is…

Love is…
a newborn baby,
fresh and innocent,
pure as water,
crying, then content.

Love is…
a clasping hand
of a friend so true,
never letting go
no matter what you do.

Love is…
a wedding ring
round and never-ending.
A promise so true
through life;
a kiss, endearing.

Love is…
a family
together, a pact.
A bond that can’t be broken
by this given fact.

Love is…
a gift from God
given from above
so freely, like a string
flying with the dove.

Love is…
around us
wherever we may go.
It’s up to us to grab it,
give it away,
and watch it grow.

By Laurie Kolp

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Jeni said...

Oh Laurie ~ that is sooo beautiful! I can't believe you got no comments until mine now. I'm proud to be the first. I especially love the last verse. It makes me think of how "you have to give it away to keep it"! What a gift you are. xoxo