Sunday, February 8, 2009

Courage, Cardinals and Love

Here is a poem I wrote and I thought with Valentine's day coming up, I would post it. Have a love-filled week!

Courage, Cardinals and Love by Laurie Kolp

Red is the color of
Courage, Cardinals and love.

Courage to be brave and fight
even when you know things aren’t right.

Cardinals that faithfully appear
in times of sadness and great fear.

Love, a feeling so true
of acceptance and comfort the whole day through.

May your life be forever filled with red-
Courage, Cardinals and love, in the days ahead.

1 comment:

Jeni said...

That is so beautiful! I need some courage & love from my cardinals. I haven't been seeing them lately. I hear them, but when i look out the window. no show :(. well, this morning i peeked out & saw the female.