Friday, June 19, 2009

Cardinal Delight

This morning my beautiful red cardinal sang to me as I drank my coffee. I sat outside and listened to the melodious song as I also watched a dove perched below. I said my morning prayers and gave thanks to God for the wonderful day. Tomorrow is my birthday. I think Mary is thinking of me; I sure am thinking of her. The cardinal was also eating out of the birdfeeder in the front of the house just a few minutes ago as I was typing this, but I just wasn't quick enough to get a picture this time.
Do you remember the incident not long ago when the dove warned me that my dear friend who lives down the street was in danger? Well, she had some medical problems that needed to be taken care of and was gone for a while. While she was away, I wrote to her and sent her a card to let her know that I missed and loved her. Well, now she's back and can you believe she told me that when she read my card, a cardinal came up and sat on the picnic bench and just sat there! Everyone made a comment about it because they hadn't seen such a bright red cardinal in Louisiana like that in a long time. My friend knew this was something very spiritual and felt a sense of calmness inside- like everything would be okay.

God is good. I am thankful to know my Mary still thinks of me, just as I think of her.

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Jeni said...

That is such a beautiful blog Laurie... i can't believe all these wonderful cardinal experiences ~ all captured on our blogs. I'm telling you... we might have something here. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend. I am going to try & call you today. Love you! xoxo