Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kid's Escapades

I. The kids and I met some friends at the library the other day for a presentation on "Pioneer Days" by a local museum. We all had a lot of fun. The weather has been so hot and dry, we are looking for activities to do inside where it's nice and cool. When we got home, I asked the boys to clean their room, which to my surprise, they did immaculately. The only slight problem is that now I can't get into their closet! I was wondering why it had taken them so little time to put everything away- they simply piled all their "stuff" in the small closet. I guess I can't complain- they did do as I asked. Next time I will have to be more specific.

II. Having kids can be so...exciting. They can be expensive, too. A few years ago, Nicholas burned our microwave when he took it upon himself (as a toddler) to put his rice bowl, spoon and all, into the microwave for who knows how long. All I know is that I was giving Andrew a bath, Pete and Katie were outside, when all of the sudden I smelled this repugnant odor- something was on fire. I hadn't smelled that sickening aroma since student teaching in The Woodlands when our apartment complex caught on fire (a story for another day). I rushed out of the bathroom to see smoke coming from the microwave. I stopped the microwave, but when I opened the door, the rice was on fire and smoke filled our whole house. Boy, were we lucky! We had to get another microwave, which we bought at Target. Unfortunately, this one did not last too long. It died on us the other day. So the kids and I ventured out to Sears to buy a Kenmore. Hopefully, we'll have better luck (and if we don't, at least we know it can be fixed or replaced).

III. Remind me to share with you one day the time the boys turned on the gas by our fireplace. We had to evacuate the house, and again, we were VERY lucky to catch it in time. I am so grateful to have our guardian angels watching over my family!