Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mary Poppins Still Lives...

Please excuse this brief interruption from the birthday fairy, but an important announcement must be made. After this, I promise I will let Laurie get back to her blog. Did you know that Laurie has a Mary Poppins purse? I observed as she changed purses to her new birthday present purse and this is what I found:

20 pounds of junk. No wonder the poor chick has an aching back, I mean, her purse is like a heavy weight from the gym. Maybe she needs to start lifting weights again- and the purse doesn't have to be it! Thrown out on the table, I saw six tubes of lipstick, five pencils, three pens, two hand sanitizer bottles, sunscreen, and two Invisible Armor bottles- is this mom worried about germs? And what was that- a flashlight? I mean this mom must mean business. Then came all of her gum, mints, peanut butter crackers,chapstick, yesterday's paper, disposable hand wipes, prayer cards, business cards from writer friends, along with a small pad of paper so if the muse moves her, she can write. Can you believe there was tons of garbage in there- bubble gum wrappers, candy and old school programs? Then, I found an umbrella, a poncho, a camera, a cell phone, her wallet (which is jammed packed with who knows what?). I found a book- can you believe it? It looks like a mini version of the Bible, I don't know- what else can there be? Oh, a calendar and lists of all the summer activities in the area. My goodness- no wonder this chick can't get out of bed. A compact, a mirror...does this girl need to move? I think all she owns is in her purse.

Well, I tried to weed out some of the duplicates, but I don't know. This is one tough momma, and her new purse still seems heavy. Heaven help her. I think she needs a spoonful of sugar and some sleep... what do you think?

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Jeni said...

you are too too funny! Sounds ike you could win in the "what's in your purse" game they play at showers. Actually you could make up the list :).... cute blog Laurie!