Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Hero, My Husband

Since I am making the time from now until July 4th a somewhat patriotic tribute to the wonderful USA, I wanted to share with you a poem I wrote in one of my poetry groups about heroes. This is dedicated to my true hero- the one and only hero in my life- my sweet husband Pete. I love him so much and am so proud of who he is, what he stands for and what he has sacrificed for our country. He is the best husband and father anyone could ever hope to have, so here's to you Pete:
My Husband, My Hero
by Laurie Kolp

My hero is my husband
Let me tell you why-
He spent time in the Marines,
And is such a super guy.

Pete has been known
To give a stranger his coat,
Someone under a bridge
Whose life was in a tote.

My great hero Pete,
Panama did he invade
To overtake Noriega
And imprison this renegade.

My husband is the kindest man
That you could ever meet,
And through all his experience
He has become wise and complete.

Poor thing lost his mother at fourteen
From a long bout with Leukemia,
So he had to help his father
Raise the kids and ensure their academia.

Years later Pete's father became ill
And died from pancreatic cancer.
While Pete was in his twenties
He began searching for some answers.

The military helped give Pete guidance
And with benefits, he finished college.
Soon he felt the time was right to settle down,
He married me and now he shares his knowledge.

Together we have three beautiful children
To which Pete is the greatest father.
He spends all his extra time with us,
For anything else to do, there is no other.

I love you, Pete- you are my hero.
A fact I hope you never forget.
My life with you is blessed, indeed
And choosing you, I have no regret.


Holli said...

Aw, sounds like you've got a great man!

Jeni said...

That is the most beautiful attribute to Pete. I loved this poem. I felt like I was given a peak inside the window of his experiences and you described his outcome with pure love and wisdom. he's a good man, as you are a woman. What a perfect pair. The world is a better place with you both in it. xoxo