Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Family Reunion

For the longest time, I had been hearing the chirp, chirp, chirping of cardinals outside of my kitchen window, but hadn't seen them. I began to wonder where my cardinals had gone, and if I was doing something wrong that could be preventing me from espying these majestic beauties.

This morning changed my perspective on the cardinals below my window. When I woke up and looked outside as I poured my first cup of coffee, I was showered with a bevy of these blessings. It's as if the cardinals were having a family reunion. I counted at least seven fledglings and two or more bright red males splashing around in the rain.

As is my usual response to this bright red delight, I stopped what I was doing and revelled in the whole magical scene. I must have stood in front of the window for ten minutes, praising and thanking God for His affirmation to me that everything is going to be alright. And the cardinals continued in their Saturday morning family play as I welcomed, with joy, this brand new day.


Laura Emmons said...

I came over to tell you I enjoyed your poem for today and saw your article.
I was sitting at my window the other day enjoying the robins outside my window. It stopped me in my tracks. It's been a long time since I stopped and just enjoyed the wildlife in my yard.
Today as I stood on the Wii fit board the sparrows (I think) were digging into my garden really enjoying themselves.
You blog posting was timely.
Thanks Laura

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thanks for visiting, Laura! I like robins, too, and am so glad you are taking the time to enjoy God's creations. =)

Jake Chambers said...

not sure why, but birds have always intrigued me..especially the larger birds of prey...matter of fact, i alluded to them in my posting just tonight...and the topic i wrote about.... it goes with yours as well..

a sign from heaven....could it be?

Jeni said...

Oh Laurie, my sister Lisa had the same experience... Just the day before, she said she had seen our cardinal friends & then she said on the middle of the rain a lil red cardinal showed itself to her. This morning I woke up, peaked out the window & the first thing o saw was a bright red cardinal on my patio then it flew away & I didn't see it again all day. Just a lil reminder that it's still there bit has other places to be! I love our cardinals so much! I'm still searching for my robins... Last year they were everywhere!

Nishant said...

I like robins, too, and am so glad you are taking the time to enjoy God's creations. =)

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