Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Did you have a good day? It is Friday the 13th and you know what that means- bad luck. I'm not privy to all that superstitious stuff, so today was like an ordinary for me today. I even found a penny heads up. Wow.

Unfortunately Pete came home from work and said he had the worse day he could ever remember having at work. I think his day got off to a rocky start, though. He had taken the kids to school like he usually does, and I was at the computer writing when the phone rang. The name on the caller ID was a foreign male. When I answered, nobody said anything so I hung up. They called right back and did the same thing- just sat there. I said into the phone, "Would you please quit bothering me?" Then I hung up and dialed Pete's number to tell him some weirdo was harassing me and give him the phone number so Pete could tell him a thing or two (we've done that before when a fax machine kept calling- my wonderful husband had to send a fax from work and tell them they had the wrong number). But I got Pete's voicemail. I left a message and hung up. Then guess what? The same person called again. I decided I wouldn't be quite as nice this time and vehemently answered "Hello?" and heard my sweet husband's voice! He had locked his keys in his jeep when he was getting gas. So I drove over and let him into his car and it was downhill for him after that. Sigh. At least the day is almost over, the weekend is here and everyone's safe and healthy. That, to me, is very lucky.

P.S. Nicholas was born on a Friday the 13th and he is a blessing!

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Jeni said...

wow Laurie.. that is an interesting day. Weird phone calls... i hoped they stopped. nice way to end the blog with your P.S. ~ reminding us that Friday the 13th is supersticious - :) Nothing special on my day..just busy busy busy! I did make a decent hour train home from work - so that was GOOD!
Of the subject..... i just loooooove my cardinals :)! i hear em now in the bush outside my window.