Monday, November 23, 2009

Not One, But Two

Going to the doctor on Monday morning before a holiday; not a good idea. This morning Nicholas and I were at the pediatrician's office for not one, but two hours. Can you believe it? Right now my nerves are almost all but shot, and I need Calgon to take me away. But that's not possible, so I decided to blog.

Saturday morning Nicholas woke up and the right side of his cheek was bright red. It looked like someone had kicked him. Then he came down with a fever yesterday, and since he's been nursing a cold and cough for a while, I decided to take my youngest to the doctor. We got there bright and early because our doctor has a walk-in clinic first thing in the morning for the kids who wake up sick. Was I surprised when not long after we arrived, not one, but two, kids from Nicholas' class showed up. And they all sit at the same table in the classroom! Sigh. I knew something was up. We found out later, after a llloooonngg wait in the room, that Nick has strep throat. Lo and behold this is not the first, but the second bout with strep throat in our family this year (Andrew had it several weeks ago). Keep your fingers crossed- we don't want three.

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Jeni said...

Oh Laurie.... I hope Nicholas is feeling better! We've had alot of illnesses up here too. I had to take Chad to the Dr. for alot of pains in his right side & the dr. was such a jerk ~ i don't even know how to begin. Our neice jaelyn who's only 5 months old has swine flu & Chad's dad has some problems too... seems like the Dr.'s are the only ones keeping busy these days. I yi yi - we gotta be grateful when we're healthy huh?! Love ya! Jen