Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am not alone

Yesterday, we finally had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with Pete's brother Chris, my sister (in-law) Chelsea, and their son, Jonathan.  We had planned on getting together at Thanksgiving, but poor Jonathan was very sick and in the hospital.  Then at Christmas, my family was playing hot potato with strep throat.  So our visit was long overdue and the whole day was a true blessing.  And what happened is a blessing, too: we were not alone.  Read on to "see" what I mean...

I am holding my nine-month-old praying nephew, Jonathan.  As you can see by the spirit orbs surrounding my crosses and the big one on the curtain, we are not alone. 
Chelsea helps Jonathan open presents while another spirit orb (see her ankle) delights in joy.

Katie and her Aunt Chelsea strike a pose after having a fun "hair war."  Again, they are not alone (see upper right-hand corner).

Ever since Mary's death, and then Ms. Angelle's, orbs have shown up in my pictures at some time or another.  People have differing opinions about these round mysterious balls, but I strongly believe they are spiritual.  They appear in times of joy and celebration.

Do you remember my post A Letter to Heaven?  I was happily reminiscing about my special times with Ms. Angelle.  When I uncovered the two evening gowns she had given me and took a picture for the post, an orb showed up on one of the dresses.

Here are just a few of the many pictures I have with spiritual orbs in them:

Here you can see the spirit orbs in my friend Heather's meditation room.  I can feel the chi in that peaceful room!

If you look closely on my hair, you can see orbs by my ear and my dad's head.  I am opening birthday presents at my parent's home.

The orb is by my mom's head.  Do you see it?

It looks like someone is partaking in Andrew's birthday celebration.  Perhaps Ms. Angelle, Andrew's godmother, sits beside Nicholas.

And here again, Andrew has an orb with him on Christmas Eve.

Need I say more?  The proof is in the puddin'!


Sylvia Ney said...

These are all great pictures! Don't forget to enter my contest:

Jeni said...

That is sooooo amazing and wonderful :)!!
I believe the orbs are spiritual too ;)!!