Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soap opera email

A few minutes ago I was reading through my emails, many of which were follow-up comments from Facebook.   It went something like this:

First click- I read "Congratulations," and "Way to go," for a friend who just received a contract on a book.

Next click- Words of encouragement like "Hang in there," and "You're in my prayers," were sprawled across the screen for a friend facing a medical crisis. 

It didn't take long for me to recognize that a melodramatic pattern was forming.   Back and forth the clicks went from one extreme to another, like a yoyo vacillating between happiness and misfortune.

Click- "I am so happy for you. I want a book,"  ~YEAH!

Click- "I think this might be serious. Have you considered seeing a neurologist?" ON, NO!
These emails churned my emotions and left me feeling like a hormonal teenager; high on life, then sinking in mud- just with a simple click.  There were no other emails except for these; and I kid you not, they alternated back and forth for six to eight messages.  All this bizzare banter really made me feel... powerless

I found myself asking questions.

What is the reason for this?  I thought maybe God was trying to tell me a should become a soap opera writer or something. 

How does this relate to me?  It reminded me that I am not in control of people, situations, writing submissions, the man who cut me off, etc.  The only thing I can do is offer support, pray, and then sit back and wait for God's handiwork.  People everywhere are suffering while others are rejoicing.  It's the cycle of life, and it draws us closer to one another... and God.

I have so much to be grateful for today.  Right now.  At this very minute.

Whew- I am exhausted; I think I'll go to bed now (I have a lot of praying to do).

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Jeni said...

hmmmmmm, interesting thought. Each of us have a soap opera to write. I know I do. the question is, is it rewarding to write it? does it fell right?