Friday, March 4, 2011

A new book-- "pay attention: a river of stones"

You can purchase the book (hardback, paperback or download) here through
Fiona Robyn is a wonderful inspiration not only in the writing world, but in life's never-ending journey toward spirituality. A friend told me about her blogs, a handful of stones  and a small stone, many months ago. I started following her immediately.

Then in January, she started a movement around the world of collecting 'small stones' for 'a river of stones' (aros). Now she and her fiance Kaspa have created this wonderful book, pay attention: a river of stones, filled with a collection of observations from January. I am delighted to have a small stone and quote included in the book.

I asked Fiona to share her thoughts on the whole process and how it came to fruition. Thank you Fiona and Kaspa for touching so many lives and reminding us to stop and smell the flowers.  I hope you, too, will join in.

Fiona Robyn:

Sometime during December, I had the idea that people might like to join me during January in writing a small stone every day – something I’ve been doing for many years. I believe that there are lots of benefits from having a daily writing practice, and this seemed like an ideal way to share this practice with others. Kaspa teamed up with me and we created a blog and started asking people if they wanted to join the ‘river’. We originally thought it would be nice if 20 people joined us – by the beginning of January more than 300 people were writing small stones and posting them on their blogs.

We really enjoyed reading the small stones during January, and thought it would be good to choose the cream of these and publish them in a book. More than 3000 small stones (and MANY hours) later, we’d chosen the stones for the book, edited them, communicated with their writers, arranged them into chapter groupings, designed the cover, arranged them into an order and written some prose pieces to go alongside them. And – TA-DA! – ‘pay attention: a river of stones’ was born!

We do hope it’ll be read both by people writing small stones and people who’ve never written before – it’s full of beautiful short pieces. And it might inspire a few more people to start writing them….


Kaspalita said...

Thanks Laurie :)

sue said...

ah ah! the review is hiding down here, but it was fun reading your other posts too ;)
I was daunted by the idea of writing a review of the book, and have enjoyed yours. Thankyou, and maybe I'll find the courage to attempt one now too.