Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PA prompt: Turn around

Spin and Rejoice

turn around
turn and spin
spin to the left
spin to the right
right or wrong
right again
again but why
again you lie
lie prostrate
lie and cheat
cheat yourself
cheat and sneak
sneak demons
sneak then stab
stab my heart
stab your doubt
doubt cunning
doubt silent
silent faith
silent love
love sunshine
love not lust
lust is smoke
lust passes
passes and dies
passes tides
tides of sorrow
tides beneath
beneath broken
beneath smiles
smiles Pollyanna
smiles outside
outside perfection
outside fear
fear within
fear not faith
faith from God
faith in life
life meanders
life mutates
mutates and rotates
mutates forever
forever eternal
forever today
today pray
today rejoice
rejoice out loud
rejoice and trust


Jingle said...

lovely word flow.

Olivia said...

I loved the whimsical flow!!
Very well written :)


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

here is my big tent poetry entry:

Thanks for reading.