Monday, June 6, 2011

Rainbow Tears

I was that girl who left you

sitting on the broken curb

head buried in shaky hands

tears like rain dripping

down the rank gutter

calling out for me to stay

as my heart I walked away.

You were that boy whose hands

of leathered gloves took mine

freed me from myself, promised

a new life to build together

we found love’s rainbow glow

the pot of gold we knew was nigh.

Until I changed my mind

said yes than no than yes

one time too many too much

you said enough was enough.

And now I sit on the cold, hard curb

head buried in chapped hands

tears dripping down my shallow gut

unwanted oak leaves swept within

as I watch you fade, disappear

a mirage on the horizon of my soul.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: One Stop Poetry (free verse)


Mary said...

I like this poem a lot, Laurie. It has the ring of reality, which doesn't always go the way the person wants.

Brian Miller said...

aww...the unwanted oak leaves is a very nice emotional touch...i hear the heart in this...

moondustwriter said...

A delightful poem with a too real and sad ending. Reminds me of Dicken's Miss Havisham

Beachanny said...

A tangled tale of having to make up your mind and the heartbreak of not doing so. A well constructed piece of free verse. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

well written, like it alot

annell4 said...

I loved this!

Valerie said...

Absolutely beautiful! We would love for you to post some of your thoughts and poetry to our Facebook page "I Love Being A Christian Woman". God bless you!