Thursday, June 2, 2011

The little girl vs. the big girl in me

School's nearly out and we are heading to Galveston. The little girl in me is so excited about this kick-off to summer 'shebang.' {clap, clap} We're going to walk on The Strand, visit the ice cream parlor {yummy} and peruse all the quaint little shops. Then we'll go to the alluring beach and lay in the sand. We'll collect seashells and build sand castles. {jumping up and down} We'll swim in the water and dive in the waves. I can't wait to spend the next day splashing and sliding at Schlitterbahn. And the seafood... yummy! We'll have a smorgasbord at our fingertips. {smacking lips}

But the grown up in me is quite apprehensive right about now. {hands on hips}Today was the hottest June 2 in history. Ever. A 102 scorcher! How hot will it be in Galveston? It's only 90 miles from where we live, so I'm sure it will be sizzling there, too. And Katie. {shaking head} She got a bad sunburn last weekend when she went to the beach with a friend. Should she even be out in the sun? {pacing} Oh, and there's the shark, too. Did you hear about that? {wide eyes} Last weekend some college students were swimming near Galveston and a girl was bitten by a bull shark. {shuttering} Oh, and there's the jellyfish outbreak, too. {sigh} Katie's friend broke his front teeth at Schlitterbahn two weeks ago... ARGHH!

I don't think I'll be a grown-up this summer. I just want to have fun with my kids. I know God will protect us. {smile}


jabblog said...

It's hard to put aside worries when you're responsible for children. I hope you enjoy your trip:-)

Jeni said...

you are so cute.. what a fun blogpost! I know exactly how you feel.... good description!