Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's Poem

The Keys Hold the Key

Lynn’s metronome ticks an erratic beat

Back and forth, then – (gasp)

Echoing crescendos fill the air,

I wonder how it came to this.

Whiffs of bleach tease the musty room

My stinging eyes rebel against the smell,

Could these tears reflect morbidity?

A quick span, my head skirts the obvious

Back and forth, then – (gasp), then Oh, my God!

Luminous rays paint golden stripes

Across her upright hogging space

Like a sunny jailbird on the loose.

The drop of red painting middle C

A haunting omen of that fateful day.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspirations: 3WW- erratic, luminous, omen
POETIC ASIDES- Let's get serious...


Jae Rose said...

There is a great deal of tension..a crescendo and this piece..almost frantic and at times a little worrying..the 'sting of bleach' was just that..does my memory serve me right that you wrote another piece around the 'middle c''s a wonderful device..Jae (I guess it wasn't a sunburnt penguin then!)

anthonynorth said...

Tight and taut. An excellent read.

Anonymous said...

love the movement and the rhythm you capture...lovely.

Isabel said...


Andy McDonald said...

a very rhythmic write

Sheilagh Lee said...

you really build up the tension in this piece.Wonderfully written poem

Altonian said...

Very tense indeed - is this a sick-bed scene, it felt like it.

Mary said...

Everything is tied together SO well in this poem, Laurie!

gsb3 said...

You kept my rapt attention throughout, emotional and suspenseful. I'm a little confused about what actually happened, though. Sorry.

Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks so much for commenting everyone.

gsb3- What happened is anyone's interpretation...oh, and there is a lot of music/ piano lingo.

Anonymous said...

Tension is in the words. But it tells a wonderful story. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. My 3WW:

Andy Sewina said...

Phew, I bet this was a murder!

Amazingly recorded!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interrogation I love this poem its intense and intriguing I'd love to see a story

Laurie Kolp said...

Why that's a wonderful idea. Thanks!