Friday, October 7, 2011

"Beautifully Gifted" is beautifully inspired

"Many of us women get tripped up in finding our identity, settling sometimes, unbeknownst to us, for something false, taking our cues from the world," says Angela Bisigano, PhD.

Several weeks ago I received an email from an agent representing a company, PR by the Book. She asked if I might consider reading one of their books and writing about it on this blog. I said why not, what could it hurt? The list of book titles she gave me ranged from nonfiction to fiction to self-help. I selected the spiritual/motivational book entitled Beautifully Gifted because... well, I loved the title and it promised to help me discover my true calling. I just knew this had to be a nudge from God.

The author of Beautifully Gifted is CBN-endorsed Angela Bisigano, PhD. She specializes in psychology and ministry, specifically issues concerning women and helping them find their "unique giftedness and calling." She has written this book as a guide that can be used alone or (preferably) in groups. The layout is very organized with quotes from scripture, practical applications and guide questions in each chapter. Dr. Bisigano includes real-life examples, many of which pertain to struggles in her life that she has learned from and how they have led her to God.

The 208-page book (including appendix and bylines) encourages you to forgive your parents and trust God so that spiritual growth can occur. Living in resentment is living in captivity. According to Spiritually Gifted, "God's plan for our lives includes healing, restoration and freedom." Angela shares a story about forgiving her father. He had had a heart attack. She was sitting at his bedside wondering if he believed in God. She asked him if he'd meet her at the pearly gates. He said yes. It wasn't until later that she realized she hadn't asked him to meet her inside the pearly gates. She said it was okay, though, because he recovered. This moved me to tears.

Dr. Bisigano provides lists and descriptions to help you identify what your spiritual gifts and talents are, along with pages for note taking. The part guidebook/ part interactive journal invites you to recall the major turning points in your life so that you can write your story to share with the group. Finally, Beautifully Gifted leaves you with a workable plan for carrying out your calling. Included in the appendix is a resource for those who wish to lead a discussion group.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was very informative, interesting and personal. I was reminded to listen for God's guidance within and not to let outside hindrances block me from my purpose in life. Learning about what the author has gone through and the things she has struggled with in her life made it easy for me to relate to her as a real person.

I discovered that I am already using my God-given talents through writing and tutoring children. I was inspired to maybe share my story someday, which would be like an act of Congress considering I am very quiet and START SWEATING PROFUSELY AT THE VERY THOUGHT OF SPEAKING IN FRONT OF GROUPS. Maybe God will call me to do that later in life. If so, I know I'll have a wonderful guide in Beautifully Gifted.


Linda H. said...

That's cool. I'd love to do something like that.

And just so you know, you are beautifully gifted and a wonderful gift to me. :-)

Laurie Kolp said...

Aww... thanks, Linda. Same here, my friend.

Jeni said...

What a beautiful book to share! I have so many books I'm reading right now, but i WILL add this one to my list!! xxoo