Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Sweet Surprise

Yesterday I was getting ready to go the ballpark for Andrew and Nicholas' baseball games when I got a call from Jeni, Mary's sister, who lives in New York. Jeni and I have become good friends and we talk all the time (she has a great blog all about Mary- just click on my big red cardinal and it'll take you right there). Anyway, their little brother, David, and his girlfriend had driven down from Houston to visit Mary's grave and were having a hard time finding the spot. There is no marker anymore. David called Jeni, not knowing what to do, and she called me. Evidentally the tombstone has not come in yet or Mary's husband is still working on ordering it. So I drove down to the graveyard to try and help David. We had a great conversation and I was so happy to be able to assist him. Can you believe that we found a baseball right where we think Mary is? David loves baseball, and he took that as a big sign from Mary and, well, I was heading to the baseball games, so I think that was a HUGE sign. David had brought a cardinal statue and we took some pictures of the baseball and cardinals. Tomorrow, on the one-year-anniversary of Mary's death, Pete and I are going back to take some flowers from Jeni, and we are going to try to find a way to place David's sweet cardinals so they don't get mowed over. I will post all the pictures later when I can get to my other computer.

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Jeni said...

OMGoodness Laurie~ you were a Godsend that day!! I still haven't talked to David. Thank you for loving Mary & being there for me!! I thought David found the baseball & was going to keep it. that's why I blogged that he would treasure it. Uh-oh, my misunderstanding.
Love you my friend. I'm here for you always.