Monday, March 2, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

Have you ever had a night that you couldn't sleep? Well, I am having just that kind of night and have reached the point of giving up. I might as well wake up and blog about it, then maybe I can fall asleep for two hours before I have to wake up with the kids.

Here are some of my problems tonight, in the order they occured:
1. Music. Someone, somewhere outside (hopefully not in my head, but I did think about that possibility) is playing music or watching T.V. I know my neighbors live close, but come on.
2. Ceiling fan is squeaking. I tried to remedy that in the dark, to no avail.
3. Okay, I'll get out my cute eye-patches I got the other day at Kohl's- maybe they will help.
4. I hear a noise in the hall and I know it's not one of the kids (their doors are loud when they open them). This time, light goes on-nothing there.
5. I get back in bed where my husband is sleeping oblivious to all of this. I'm just about to drift off when I hear another loud thud- this time from right outside my window. I wake up Pete, who mumbles something about the kids and rolls over.
6. I shake Pete awake, "No, honey. I heard a LOUD thud, like a pipe hit the wall right outside!"
7. I hear a "tuh,"- not nice voice- and then, "I would have heard a pipe hit" as I watch Pete get up and check everything (very briefly).
8. A few minutes later the heater goes on, which was probably the thud I heard.
9. Now I have to go to the bathroom. I get back in bed and Pete is already snoring (which he was not doing before I woke him up).
10. The toilet is stuck, so I have to get back out of bed and go wiggle the handle. How could I have gone from saying my peaceful nightly prayers to cursing in three hours?

Moral of the story- Don't ever decide to turn off your air filter when you are going to bed. It might sound funny, but at least the noise will lull you to sleep (and muffle out all the unfamiliar sounds that go bump in the night).


Holli said...

I totally understand! We actually keep an air purifier in our room just for it's white noise. I'm a light sleeper so I hear everything. Kyle was gone this past weekend and I swear I didn't sleep a wink!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Turn the t.v. on low to the weather channel then put the sleep timer on. It takes a while to settle my mind down so normally an hour will do. Or I turn to Fox news and either Bill, Shawn, Greta, Juan or the blonde clueless ladies will do it faster. Sweet dreams.

Jeni said...

I really like your blog of events... good job descripting it!
I take a natural pill "melatonin" & i'm o-u-t out, but not too out. I wake up fine.
I hate it when i can't sleep. It makes me go inside my head in the dark & if something is bothering me... i toss & turn & have an entire mental battle between the positive side of my brain & the negative. No fun! You had the right idea ~ blog about it. I love it.