Sunday, June 28, 2009

Freedom of Speech

How have you liked my blog lately?

Please give me some feedback. I have written about a few new things recently. These topics include some of my family heritage, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence from my great (etc) grandfather (pictured above), Charles Carroll of Carrollton and the writing of my great grandmother's (Bess Carroll Brendel) historical novel, "That's the Way It Was" which has a spot in the Library of Congress. In her book, my great-grandma (Nonna B) talks about her childhood growing up on a big plantation, Old Chesterfield. All of this is part of my family legacy and American history, and as some say, "it is what it is" (or was). I have taken a huge interest in my family roots currently.

Yet, this is an e-mail I received from a fellow writing friend:

"...sensitivity to discretion was lost on some of your recent posts."

I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone. I was simply trying to share a little information of my family, and the major roles they played in this nation's history. A nation that our forefathers hoped would remain independent and free of socialism. I am a conservative person who was raised to "keep my mouth shut and opinions to myself" as any Southern belle would do. Well, I have finally found a way to speak out- through my writing. Ironically, the very person who made the above comment is the same one who has given me courage to speak out, and I am grateful to her for that!

I am proud this country allows us freedom of speech and thought. So feel free to speak your mind, too, on my comments...can't wait!


Holli said...

Laurie, I think that whenever someone expresses their opinion, they have a 50% chance of reaching someone who needs to hear it, and a 50% chance of offending someone else. But, the chance that you might help, enlighten, or bring joy to that first percentage is sometimes worth offending the others.

I've found happiness, information, and humor in your posts. Keep it up!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thanks, Holli. I appreciate your feedback!

Jake Chambers said... cannot go thru this life without ruffling feathers. If what you are sharing is actually the history of your family, you are just 'reporting' the facts as they is what it is.

seems like i have heard that somewhere before.

this venue is unique to you and your thoughts and feelings. continue as your grandmother would have you write.

you go girl!

Jeni said...

"it is what it is".. can't please everyone. It is wonderful that you can share some history about your ancestors.... hopefully someday your kids kids (etc) can do that about you! You did a beautiful thing sharing with us!
Maybe your friend is jealous.... who knows! have you heard that saying: "when you point a finger, take a look at where the other 3 are ~ they are pointing back at you". So your friend was pointing a finger at your work & really there are 3 more pointing back at them!