Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Christmas to Rememeber

Five years ago, four days before Christmas
An emergency hysterectomy I had
A few days later I was released
Katie had fever and a cough that was bad

Pete took her immediately to the doctor
As I waited at home, worriedly and in pain
Until I got the call Katie needed x-rays
Where they found pneumonia not plain

The doctors told her to the hospital she’d go
Where Katie would have to a few days stay
Sadly we knew a bad Christmas we’d have
While Katie was in bed, unable to play

I knew I would stay with her at night
For Nicholas was only just one-year-old
Unable to pick the baby up if need be
On the couch I’d painfully have to be bold

Poor Katie was miserable, sick as can be
And hated the IV and blood being drawn
The interruptions at night disturbing
She was miserable and sad, weak and wan

Then after diligent heartfelt prayer
A Christmas miracle did happily occur
Read about it in “Christmas Miracles”
To be released October 13 with grandeur

*Click on the picture of the front cover of St. Martin's book, "Christmas Miracles" to order the book where my story will be!

1 comment:

Jeni said...

What an incredible poem you have written in story form, not to mention the actual story itself. i cannot wait to read the whole thing. I AM definetly buying the book :)!!!
so proud of you!!!