Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kids Say the Cutest Things

Kids say some of the funniest things. Here are a few cute things my children have said or done.

*The other day we were talking about washing hands and using hand sanitizer at school.
This is what Nicholas said, "But my teacher doesn't always give me tan handimitizer!"

*Last night when I was putting Nick to bed, he started into knock-knock jokes.
"Knock, knock," he said.
"Who's there?" I asked.
"Bing-bing who?" I answered.
To which my youngest replied before bursting out laughing, "Bing-a-bing-a-ling-ling, chicka-chicka-poo!"

*Nicholas still calls Andrew "Add-rew."

*When Andrew was little there was this incident that occurred while I was blow-drying my hair. I had bent over so that my long hair was reaching towards the ground and was blowing it dry that way. All of the sudden, I saw two eyes on me. Andrew was bending over mimicking me and peaking through my hair to see what his mommy was doing. I still laugh thinking about it.

*Once when Katie was around two (she was very verbal at an early age) we were playing a game. I would say "I'm ___," and she would say "I'm ___." What she said would be the opposite of what I said. So I was very tired from staying up with baby Andrew. We had been going back and forth for awhile when I finally said, "I'm pooped." Katie looked at me kind of funny and quickly replied, "I'm pee-pee!"

Do you have any funny sayings or cute things to share that a child you know has done? Please share.

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Jeni said...

Those are truly treasurable moments!!!! I have some of Bretts! This was a sweet blog! Thank you for sharing such precious moments....