Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Days Are Just Like That

Yesterday I had the opportunity to say the Serenity Prayer a lot. The first time was in the doctor's office with Katie and Andrew for their annual well check-ups. Their doctor no longer will see more than two kids from the same family at the same time, so I was already a little perturbed that Nicholas had to go the next day (Pete's taking him this time). Our appointment time was 8:30 and by 9:20 we were still in the room waiting for the doctor to come in. I was growing angrier by the minute because I did not want the kids to be counted absent from school and they have to be there at 10:00 or they will be. Katie and Andrew brought things to keep them busy, but they started complaining about the wait, too. I said the Serenity Prayer several times until the doctor finally showed up and the whole check-up for both kids only took fifteen minutes. They arrived at school around 9:55, just in the knick of time.
The next challenge of the day occured while I was in the carpool line waiting for the kids to get out of school. Most of the time I am first in line (sometimes second). I would much rather wait in the heat than have the kids stand around after school for a long time waiting for me, so I take my crossword puzzle and book to help pass the time, or make phone calls to friends. Well, I was first in line until ten minutes before dismissal when a mom in a big suburban drove up and weaseled her way into the small space in front of me. Oh, how I wanted to get out of my car, march up to her window and give her a piece of my mind. How dare she cut in front of me when I had been waiting nearly an hour sweating like a pig! But, again I said the Serenity Prayer and was able to refrain from my urge to act out.
When we got home from school and the kids started on their homework (which they have to do right after school in our house), Nicholas did NOT want to do his. Personally I can't believe how much homework he has as a first grader. Things have changed since Andrew was in the same class. I'm talking two or three worksheets a day, spelling homework, reading vocabulary and memorizing a poem to recite to his teacher! That alone is cause for the Serenity Prayer. Anyway, poor Nicholas had had it with the whole homework thing yesterday and he burst into tears of frustration and wouldn't let up. Nothing rips a mother's heart apart more than an upset, sobbing child. I consoled him enough to get his homework done, but Nicholas had several more meltdowns that evening. The whole thing was exhausting.
So exhausting, in fact, that I didn't have the time or energy to cook dinner, which leads to the next challenge of my day. We went to the drive-through at Dairy Queen to order our dinner. After I had placed our order, I was driving up to the window when a guy in a brand new red sports car zoomed right in front of me and cut. 'What's with all the cutting today?' I thought, when I really wanted to get out of my car and give him a piece of my mind. The kids went ballistic as they complained about the gall of that young, selfish kid. I said the Serenity Prayer again, but by this time I was spent. I could not refrain myself from honking at him (at least I didn't get out of my car and go to his window to chew him out like I wanted to do). Anyway, when I honked, he flipped me off. Luckily the kids didn't see, but I couldn't believe it. When I got up to the window I asked the girl why he had cut (he drove off without getting anything). She said he claimed he had given her a hundred dollar bill, but she had given him change for a ten. She also said that wasn't true and we both agreed he should have gotten out of his car and gone in, the selfish, lazy...AHEM, never mind.
After all of these challenges yesterday, I was exhausted and climbed into bed at 9:00, wanting to end the disastrous day. Some days are just like that. How are you today?


Jeni said...

What a day! I always have a good day when I start out with the serenity prayer - it's a medtative save for that moment & brings slayer of peace over us after said! My lil cardinal woke me up again.... I have no food out there either :)!
I'm very proud of your patience... Let bygones be bygones - no need to allow them to get you or your good mood! They don't deserve that right!!

Holli said...

Some days are DEFINITELY just like that!

Jake Chambers said...

Patience. The lesson is obviously patience. You seem to have your skills for multi-tasking down to an art....and like most of the common-sense having bi-peds of the natural order of the human race.. need our patience tweaked ... and only our Maker knows the hows and is what it is.

you just hang in there's gonna be okay.