Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Conversation With a Friend

No offense by another person could possibly equal our guilt before God, yet He has forgiven us; are we not obligated to show the same mercy to others?
~Dr. James Dobson

Forgiveness is difficult. I am mad at someone for being mad at me for a reason I am oblivious to. Sounds pretty confusing, huh? Well it is, and it has been eating me up.

When someone wrongs me, I tend to dwell on what they did, rather than to look at my part in the situation. After all, I am responsible for my part only. But sometimes we don't know our part, or we did nothing wrong that we know of. This is a conversation I had with someone I really look up to.

"It's not our problem what others may think of us," she said.

"But I want everyone to like me," I answered.

"You have got to get over that," she replied.

I looked at her quizzically.

"Remember, when someone points a finger at you, they have three fingers pointing back at them. So you can't worry or obsess over what they may or may not say or think," she said.
"As long as you are graciously following your moral compass, you have nothing to lose."

"Okay. I see what you're saying," I uttered.

"All we have to worry about is what God thinks of us anyway. He is the only one we will have to answer to in the end."


I can reach the point of forgiveness by praying for that person without worrying if they forgive me. What a relief. (I'm still waiting for it to work, though).

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Jeni said...

Yes, we worry too much about what other people think... you have a good wise friend there advising you to "get over it". Easier said than done, but a goal worth reaching. Ask yourself "who is she anyway?"...No'one right?! okay then my beautiful friend. don't let her give you a wrinkle- not worth it.