Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ms. Angelle
~by Laurie Kolp

I know a lady who is ninety-four-years-old
Spunky and spry, she is an independent soul
Living in a house big enough for eight
She keeps up with passion her lovely estate
Two cars sit in this lady’s garage
Hardly driven they are just like a mirage
One she calls her sedan, the other her zoom-zoom
And she keeps them updated with plenty of room
My dear old friend, not a worry she has
Her life she’s lived simply without much pizzazz
Simple thing entertain her like fixing things up
And she always has a project inside of her cup
This sweet aged lady is a healthy old catch
Fresh fruit and vegetables, all meals by scratch
Although she seldom imbibes in red wine
“Liquor is the only answer” says her sign
Each night she chooses a bed for sleeping
Even her storage room has a pallet for resting
Inhibitions my dear friend has not
She says what’s on her mind with all she’s got
We have fun together going shopping or to lunch
But her legs are swollen; she’s losing her punch
So I will cherish our friendship each day
And show her I love her in my own special way


Jeni said...

Such a lovely tribute to your dear friend Ms. Angelle who is old in age. She is lucky to have you, but it's refreshing to see, how truly lucky you feel to have her as well. God has a reason and way of bringing people into our lives for different reasons.....

Lisa said...

I like this poem! It has good meter and rhyme and rolls well! By the end I feel like I knew her better.

LKHarris-Kolp said...


Daughters: Kathy, Debbie, Tracey, said...

Wish I could feel that spry sometimes.