Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Tent Poetry prompt: 1-14-11

Big Tent Poetry's prompt this week involved brainstorming words that begin with the same letter, choosing one of the words as the title and going from there.   I love alliteration, so this is what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy!

by Laurie Kolp

The growing sound of laughter
fills the lavish bathroom
as two loquacious women enter,
dab their lustrous noses,
paint red on luscious lips,
spray lavender to luring loops-
all the while lollygagging
in hopes that the lewd men
will soon leave them alone.

Sitting cross-legged in midair
Lucifer waits in the lavatory
for his luck to arrive,
ready to dive into the liquid-
as a squirrel, he will lurk
and scare the living shit
out of those two lovely ladies
who looked the wrong way
that winter’s night so long ago.


RJ Clarken said...

Oh my gosh - this was so much fun to read! Boy do I remember those days! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

You really did turn the prompt around at the end! Loved your ladies and your wonderful word lollygagging.

flaubert said...

Laurie, you have painted quite the scene here. Well done. Lollygagging is such a good word.

Tumblewords: said...

Chuckling - a fun, fun read!

Laurie Kolp said...

lol-- I'm glad I made you all smile. Your comments always make me smile!


Anonymous said...

A luscious list of letters, well done! :)

mareymercy said...

Interesting ending!

mark said...

Lovely, this.

I was quite surprised and impressed with the ending...

Deb said...

Ah, the squirrel. Poor dear. :-)

James said...

This is a really good read... all those l's. I love the way it ends, that mystery of what happened long ago. Nicely done.

Mad Kane said...

Love i! That was delightful!