Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Story to Share with Children

At Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. It is a festive season of joy and merriment typically associated with the image of Santa Claus bearing gifts for all.

What if there was a real connection between Jesus and Santa?

Mary's Son by Darryl Nyznyk does just that. It's as if God has sent Santa to do His will today like He sent Jesus to do the same so long ago. It is the delightful tale of two confused children - one a rich spoiled brat, the other a poor gang leader - and how they learn to love selflessly after Santa Claus takes them back to the first Christmas to witness the birth of Jesus. They discover God's encompassing love and return forever changed.

Mary's Son is an inspirational story reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. I can see why it has received three Gold awards as Mom's Choice Awards: Inspirational/Motivational book. I can't wait to read it to my children this holiday season.

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Jeni said...

What a wonderful find! I'm going to look this up for the kiddo's :)! Thanks for sharing... love the title too ~ awwww ~ makes me think of Brett, Mary's son! xo