Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update On Chocolate Lab Puppies

Last Saturday, Mr. K took Katie and Nicholas to see the puppies for the last time (Andrew went to a friend's house). Sunday the adorable pups got their last round of shots and now are in the process of being sold. Someone asked me if we would get one. They are cute, but three dogs, along with three kids, would be too expensive. Plus, the purebreds are being sold for $250.00 each. I downloaded these pictures to share with you. The first one shows proud Momma with some of her babies. The kids couldn't get over how rough she is with them. Natural training, I guess.

Nicholas is proudly petting and holding one of the puppies in this picture with Mr.K right behind him in the blue shirt. Katie took this picture.Nicholas was so glad he got to take some pictures, too. He took the next two photos of Katie with the pups. She will be the saddest that their visiting has ended. She was able to see a few of them as they were born, remember?

Such sweet eyes...can you tell how much they have grown? The kids said they were very active and playful, too. Maybe our friend will breed his Labrador again. We're crossing our fingers!

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Jeni said...

How sweet of you to go back & visit those chocolate labs.... thank you for sharing, they look as sweet a chocolate! Wish i could have one :)!