Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Tent Prompt

Big Tent Poetry invited participants to write a poem inspired by Referential Magazine's published pieces.  Redemption came to me after reading The angel on my shoulder is mute as stone and nowhere near as heavy in Scott Owens' 13 Ways to Angels. My poem is based on a real life experience I had when a stalker tried to attack me and I locked myself in a closet on the porch of my apartment, but the meaning can be interpreted in many ways.  Hope you enjoy! 

by Laurie Kolp

I sit on a red toolbox  
alone in the dark,
blocked from the devil  
waiting on the other side.  

My heart is a hammer
thump, thumping
in my head.
I close my eyes
and start to pray.

Suddenly I stand up.
but it gives me courage
to face the ugly beast.

I carry the hammer in my hand
and walk out of the dank closet
prepared to face my enemy,
but all I see is light.

*Scott Owens’ 13 Ways of Angels
"Referential Magazine


Tumblewords: said...

Excellent read!

flaubert said...

Intense poem Laurie.
Hard to fight something we can't see.

Wayne Pitchko said...

well done Laurie...thanks for sharing your words

Rallentanda said...

The smiling face of a buddha hides the heart of the scorpion. Old Chinese proverb.Something with horns and a growl is far too obvious . You're on the wrong track.

Dick Jones said...

Scary stuff, Laurie! A pretty much seamless integration of the referential lines.

kelly said...

Beautiful. I love the last line especially.

Robin said...

What a frightening experience. I'm glad your angel was on duty, so you can share your words with us now.

RJ Clarken said...

Wow. What a powerful response to the prompt. Definitely on the side of the angels!

Laurie Kolp said...

All~ Thanks for the comments!

Robin~ Me, too! I am a very lucky lady considering the turn of events that took place.

irene said...

Great poem Laurie, and yes it can be read in a different light.

Deb said...

Whoa. The personal story is frightening. Glad you are here.

That poem, and that line, struck me, too. You did wonderfully with it.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Mmmm. Courage from a stone angel. I appreciate that, whole heartedly.


Cynthia Short said...

I wanted this piece to go on and on! Great story here...

Rallentanda said...

Having given your poem some lenghty consideration I retract my statement of you being on the wrong track. I think you are very much on the right track and I am most impressed with you hammer weilding expertise at dealing with your enemies and even your non enemies.The devil would be no match for a courageous Jeanne d'Arc character such as you. I'm not surprised the stone angel was dumbstruck.I'm quite dumbstruck by your actions myself.