Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prompt: Containers / Warning: PG-13

The Christmas Eve Frenzy
by Laurie Kolp

Children can hardly contain themselves
when Christmas Eve finally arrives;
Santa Claus is coming to town, you know.
Parents wait patiently  
for the children to sleep
a battle the little ones fight,
until heavy eyelids finally give in
to visions of sugarplums and such.
At last the house is quiet
not even a mouse stirs;
the jingle bell rock can begin.
Mom dives into the closet
pulls out hidden containers
filled with glad tidings
ready to be dispersed
under Oh, Christmas tree’s lovely branches,
Dad decks the halls with tools
lifts containers and rearranges
those “assembly required” presents;
both franticly rushing to get the job done
pausing for a kiss underneath the mistletoe
before their short winter’s nap
and then awakened in the wee hours of morn
to excited children shouting Merry Christmas,”
as their contained parents struggle  
to find joy in the world
after three hours sleep.

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