Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recap of Christmas Day

5:30 a.m.- My eyes fly open and I am ready to go.  I hear Katie, Andrew and Nicholas chatting in the boy's room.  They know they have to wait there until either 6:00, or until we come and get them.  I wake Pete up without a problem (sometimes he can be hard to awaken).  We get the coffee going and try to prepare for the upcoming chaos. 

5:55 a.m.- Pete and I find the kids all piled in Andrew's twin bed waiting patiently and whispering sweet nothings (a gift in and of itself).  Before we rush out to see what Santa brought, we say Happy Birthday to Jesus and wish everyone Merry Christmas.

6:30 a.m.- The presents are all opened and appreciated, the living room is a mess and I am in the kitchen sneaking Christmas cookies with my second cup of coffee.  Pete lights a fire in the fireplace on this beautiful cold morning.

8:30 a.m.- Breakfast has been cooked and eaten, Katie is snuggled on the couch reading a new book, and Andrew checks out the new X-box Kinect while Nicholas and Pete complete a racecar Lego model.  Freshly ground Starbucks is brewing and all is peaceful on the home front.

10:00 a.m.- One of the two ping-pong balls from the new tabletop ping pong set has been smashed, the remote control helicopter has broken (luckily Pete was able to fix it) and tears have been shed after a dart gun Nerf bullet landed in a cheek from an arm's length distance.  Sigh... more chocolate.

11:00 a.m.- We are like a classroom full of ADHD kids bouncing from one activity to the other- trying to find out how the Kindle works, playing, reading, chewing gum from Santa (spitting it out and then trying different flavors), making messes with new board games and tiptoeing through open spaces while the dogs wonder around aimlessly, confused by all the fuss.

11:30 a.m.- I suddenly remember I need to cook an asparagus dish by 12:30.  Quick reference to because I do not feel like going all elaborate with what I had intended to make.  I find an interesting idea, make my own adjustments and add my personal touches.  Luckily, it turned out great!

12:30 p.m.- It is time to go to my sister's house for Christmas dinner.  I quickly ice the birthday cake for Jesus Katie and I baked on Christmas Eve, gather the rolls and asparagus, while Pete corrals the kids together.

 1:00 p.m.- We are happily sharing Christmas cheer with everyone.  The turkey needs to cook longer, so we visit, play the piano and goof off taking pictures.  The kids play basketball outside with their grown cousins whom they do not get to see very often anymore, and are so well-behaved while they wait to eat.

2:30- Everyone joins in prayer and feasts on the delicious turkey dinner.  Conversation is flowing and everyone is getting along.  It is truly a wonderful experience.

4:30- We are back home watching Despicable Me (a Christmas present).  Everyone is tired and full.  We kiss under the mistletoe, love on each other and settle in for the evening.

8:30- The kids are getting ready for bed.  We count our blessings and review the day.  When asked what their favorite part of the day was, it was unanimous- playing basketball with their cousins.  PRICELESS!


Linda H. said...

Great run-down of the day.
Merry Christmas!

Jeni said...

What a wonderful day! Beautifully re-capped. Such a Merry Merry Christmas to cherish! I felt like I was there...