Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PA prompt- December 22

Poetic Asides' Wednesday prompt is to write a poem about something or someone dreadful.

The Twelve Dreadful Things of Christmas
by Laurie Kolp

Dispersed animosity at family gatherings,
whispers and gossip overheard in the hall,
distasteful presents regifted each Christmas,
the same colored sweater two sizes too small,
store-bought food in homemade disguises,
green bean casserole and fruitcake (gag me!),
Aunt Ida’s drunk antics, slurred innuendos,
runny noses and coughs airborne for free,
feeling as stuffed as Tom Turkey at noon,
sugar highs like seesaws unsteady and weak,
hills that tumble when stomachs rumble,
flabby thighs that jiggle and squeak.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! A cynical view of Christmas, that unfortunately can come too true to be comfortable. A clever poem. But I hope your Christmas is nothing like this.

Laurie Kolp said...

Don't worry, Viv... it's truly fictitious. Thanks... Merry Christmas to you, too.