Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Typical Day at the Club

Outside summer’s inferno tempts

pool-goers. Alluring chestnuts,

their torsos roast and burn.

Enchanting stories are shared

to pass the time, some with

devious plots more flesh

they bare. Inside the club lotus

position inspires bold limbs.

A kinship forms through pretzel

twists and turns. Strange breathing,

eyes closed, mouths in Os; those

unaware might think like

this they sleep.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspiration: Sunday Whirl


Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done Laurie....thanks for sharing your words

brenda w said...

Yes! This is wonderful, Laurie, and rich with imagery. mouths in Os...

irene said...

You've captured the scene and feeling of pagan and yoga. Nicely done Laurie.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


A nice feel of relaxation and contemplation....

Best wishes, Eileen

Mary said...

You have captured well the difference between outside activities and inside activities in summer! Active vs. contemplative/ meditative.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Laurie! I had planned a "lotus position" for my wordle all day...and then when I sat down to write, that's not at all what came out!


Susannah said...

I loved your description -

"Outside summer’s inferno tempts

pool-goers. Alluring chestnuts,

their torsos roast and burn."

I went with lotus position for my wordle too. :-)

Traci B said...

Well done, Laurie - both the images presented and the lotus-root-like structure of the poem itself. :)

Anonymous said...

This one had my mind full of sensual images. That lotus word produced some wonderful poems, and I didn't even use it!

Mr. Walker said...

Laurie, great imagery. I felt like you've been shadowing me. We just went swimming outdoors because it got warm here, but we often swim indoors at the Y, often passing a yoga class on our way in. You've summed up my summer so far. Thanks.


Mike Patrick said...

The indoor/outdoor dichotomy rings true. It’s funny how something like a wordle can generate that.