Friday, July 29, 2011

Update from a busy life

Katie took time out from her dance routine to talk to her best friend who was on vacation. She's been taking intensive workshops in preparation for the year ahead (the first performance is next weekend). Oh, and she got braces, but shhh... I didn't tell you.

Andrew received first place in sparring AND form at the 2011 Tiger Rock World Championship tournament (that's after he skipped rank)!

Nicholas taking his mark for his swimming event. He also takes hip-hop and is preparing to perform again with his sister in August.

Pete at the bottom of a ship where he goes to escape the crazy life of having three kids, working full time and going to night classes for his MBA.

Disclaimer: All bragging rights are permitted because the sole proprietor of this blog just happens to be the proud mother and wife of the aforementioned subjects. She wishes to keep all pictures of her haggard-looking self buried in the bottom of her desk until they can be burned in the first winter's fire, so please respect her wishes and refrain from preposterious demands for such.


jabblog said...

Well, if you can't brag, who could? Congratulations to your hard-working family and especially to you, since you - I guess - do the majority of the taxiing and feeding of them all:-)

Laurie Kolp said...

Thank you... I do most of the taxiing, but Pete is great at helping out as much as he can despite his hectic schedule.

Muhammad Israr said...

nice blog..congratulations on the successes of your family :)