Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Worried Whirl

Summer cleared the path for those in pursuit
fading in the distance as the boys took their mark.
Mine flew over the hurtles like a racehorse,
his long limbs reaching with each forward step.
Dry flecks of freshly mown grass turned
and churned all around as dirty feet
tossed and flossed the greens.
I watched from the front window
as he slipped out of my view--
all I saw was the baby he used to be.
Could his foot be kicking my gut?
Was the siren just my worried mind?

@laurie kolp

Prompt/ wordle inspiration: Sunday Whirl
Posted at Poets United as well.


Anonymous said...

I had a favourite two or three lines but by the time I finished reading I loved them all. My baby is an expectant father, now.


Anonymous said...

Laurie, "All I could see was the baby he used to be." Isn't that just the way with moms? Mine is 22 and I feel the same quantum time leap. This was a great used of the wordle, hon. Thx, Amy

Unknown said...

My 'babies' are both Dads now; I don't know where the time went!

Anonymous said...

I know this feeling so well!

brenda w said...

Laurie, I love "could this be my kicking gut." Sweet sadness watching them grow and eventually go...

Marianne said...

Love the way you used floss: "dirty feet tossed and flossed the greens." A very special, bittersweet piece! My 'baby' was married June 25 and is flying to Ireland tonight, on his honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

So many lovely lines woven into a special moment. You paint a perfect scene.

Mike Patrick said...

Oops, that was me. Didn't aim to be Anonymouse.

Mr. Walker said...

Laurie, a lovely ending. Your use of "siren" was surprising to me, but tender. I just love the way this one ends. We covered similar ground, but I love the way your poem really reflects who the speaker is.