Thursday, January 15, 2009

Delete Complete

If you happened to read my blog in just the right "window of opportunity" then you would have seen something I wrote that is no longer here. Ah, the magic of the infamous delete button.
Anyway, it was about a few things that got on my nerves at work today and Pete said I should write about that stuff in my journal, not publish it on the internet for everyone to see- I wouldn't want to publish something I'd regret later.
The problem is that sometimes, if I get upset enough, I will SAY something that I regret. But there is no delete button for words. Yes, there's "I'm sorry" and "can you forgive me?" yet are those words ever truly forgotten? I try to bite my tongue to stop those words, but sometimes they just come out anyway. To tell you the truth, I think I spend more time ruing and fretting over my blunders than the victim does.

One thing I do know is that God has the power to change anyone. I know that because He has changed me drastically over the past thirteen years. And if I try real hard to take care of myself both physically (not get too tired, hungry, angry of lonely) and spiritually (pray and meditate), then the chances of me becoming snappy are very slim. I'll try harder tomorrow.


Tammie said...

if someone lets harsh words rule their thoughts, that is their problem.

you are right to grieve over your own anger, but God can heal your own wounds as well as the wounds that you cause in others.

you know the story of the patriarchs? it is in Genesis 37-50. i have read it at least a hundred times, and it is so healing to see how God is bigger than my circumstances.

you have a wise husband, and you are wise to listen to him.

may God bless you.

Jeni said...

You know, everything happens for a reason! You wrote what you felt & that's getting it out & now it's gone! Physically ~ so let it be mentally ;)... love ya! Jen

Lisa said...

I, too, sometimes feel like I worry more about my blunder than the victim of my words. And then I wonder whether everyone else worries that much after they have said something they shouldn't? And then starts the merry-go-round of having conversations with people that are not there.

Someone once told me that my sanity is directly proportional to the number of conversations I have with people that are not there.