Monday, January 19, 2009

Small Lessons, Big Difference

Here are a few difficult lessons I've learned today:

1. Never play WII bowling right after you put hand lotion on.
2. Don't freak out when you hear your boys say, "I killed all those roaches for you." They are probably just playing the computer game, Spiderwick Chronicles and referring to the bad guys.
3. If your daughter spends the night with a couple of her friends, don't let her go over to her grandmother's house the next day. She'll probably take a LONG nap and wake up very cranky and disoriented!
4. Never serve crispy french bread after you spent all day cleaning the house (don't keep the dogs outside all day either- they'll just track in dirt).
5. Or, better yet- why clean the house when you have three kids and two dogs?

Perhaps the most important thing I was reminded of today is to enjoy every minute of everyday with your children and family- you just never know what tomorrow might bring. (I miss you Mary).
What did you do today, on this MLK day, to follow your dream?


Lisa said...

LOL!! Too funny, but great advice!

It reminded me of how I can get so caught up in my list of things to do, acting like the world is going to end if they don't get done, that sometimes I forget to honor the most important things in my life, like relationships.

I have to ask myself the question "How important is it really?" alot!

Jeni said...

Great blog my friend!
I searched all day for the bridal party dresses & got alot complished. Lisa, Kelsey, Madison & Haley ~ all found!!! thank you David's Bridal!