Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Anniversary

Today is a special occasion because it is Mr. K and my eleventh anniversary. Time has really flown since that warm, sunny Saturday when we exchanged our vows before God, family and a few close friends. I will never forgot the complete joy and elation I felt knowing without a doubt that God had finally led me to my soul mate. I still feel that way today, only stronger. Mr K and I have had our share of ups and downs these past eleven years, but we have stuck together with our love to help get us through. God is and always has been in the middle of our relationship, and He has proved to us that love always does conquer.
Here is a poem Mr. K wrote for me before we married:
I stand still, eyes closed, and hear the wind and the waves.
I feel the roar of the wind on my cheeks and in my hair,
flinching as the waves grasp my feet.
I see the moon, smell the salt,
and feel the beating of another heart.
No words can describe this.

Happy anniversary, Mr. K! I love you!


The Voice said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you have a great and sunny day.

Jeni said...

You look absolutely stunning - very sweet & elegant. Like Grace kelly... & Pete looks so handsome. Very Dapper! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics & hope you had a nice anniversary. With so much Love, I'm sure you did.