Friday, October 23, 2009

Grandma On the Go

Carol Weishampel is not only a writing colleague of mine, but a good friend too. We met at a writer's group meeting a couple of years ago and then proceeded to take two continuing education writing classes together. We will be conducting a joint book signing at Barnes & Noble in Beaumont on November 7, 2009. I am very lucky to know such a wonderful woman. Please read this informative interview I did with Carol:

Tell us about yourself and the books you have written.
I'm a retired teacher who was a trainer for the New Jersey Writing Project in Texas which got me motivated. By then all but one of my 12 kids were grown and flown. After retiring as a Christian school administrator, I drove the Alaskan Highway to celebrate my 60th birthday, taking notes with a tape recorder and in a journal. On my return I actively turned those notes into my first book, "Grandma's on the Go", published in 2004.
This was followed in 2005 by "Adopting Darrell" about my son who is blind and profoundly retarded due to child abuse. 2006 "Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip, Texas to Alaska" chronicles my first two trips to volunteer in Alaska. My brother and I transcribed our great grandfather's journal that was kept during the Civil War. "Journal; John F. Weishampel" was published in 2007.

Which book has been the most challenging for you to write? Why?
The above are all non-fiction. The most challenging was "A Venture in Faith, a Road Trip to Recovery" published in 2009. This Women's Christian fiction is based on personal experiences, but the challenge was to create a believable story line that took my heroine from Texas to Alaska.

What or who is your inspiration for writing?
The New Jersey Writing Project teacher training course gave me the skills and incentive to "get it on paper!"
Presently my writing critique groups and other writers I meet along the way inspire me to keep on.

What is your favorite thing about book signings?
I enjoy meeting people with similar interests. At a recent summer signing I talked with a woman about "Adopting Darrell". She was bi-polar and shared with me the discrimination she experienced from family and society. RVers love to share their adventures. Civil War buffs engage me with historical tidbits.
I often have a "writer wanna-be" ask loaded questions.

Do you have any books you are working on now?
I have a completed Christian fiction manuscript, and am working on a sequel to "A Venture in Faith" tentatively titled "Have Grand-kids Will Travel, Texas to Alaska." I'm also working on an illustrated children's book, "Loon's Necklace".

Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring authors?
Follow your passions, find a support or critique group, and get it on paper!

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Jeni said...

what a wonderful blog. This is just one of the reasons for you success, you are surrounding yourself around people of good influence. thank you for sharing this conversation... i really enjoyed it. You have a nitch here. I love the direction your blog is going in.