Wednesday, October 14, 2009

by Laurie Kolp

the spider works diligently
on his intricate web
in our front yard
no wind or rain
can destroy his
beautiful, perfect design
a funny looking spider
like no other I have
ever seen so
I take my rake
and separate, unravel
the scary spider’s abode
I justify to myself
that I am protecting
my home as I destroy another
acting like a tornado
jumping around and screaming
not wanting
my dear, precious children
to get tangled in his web
or get bitten
although they are quite
intrigued by the whole affair
there is nothing
stopping this
determined arachnid
who wove a bigger, better
design for living
unwilling to let go
of his perfect Eden
in our yard, by our home
I can’t really
blame him for that

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