Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hurry, Hurry~ Please Don't Wait!

You know what rattles my chain? When schools refuse to test children for dyslexia until they are in the third grade. That is so wrong, and unfortunately it all boils down to money. The schools don't have the money to train the teachers, so the kids have to wait, while in the meantime the poor children start failing and losing their self-esteem. When I was the dyslexia specialist for a local school district, I did everything in my power to assure that each dyslexic child got the proper education they deserved. I also learned through my education as a reading specialist that children need early intervention so the problem can get better. If you wait until they are in second, third or fourth grade, the students have that much more to catch up on, putting them further behind. The child gets frustrated and shuts down. Discipline problems rise and they begin to hate school. So, parents out there, if you think your child may be dyslexic or is having trouble reading, please get him/her some outside testing and help before it is too late.

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