Monday, October 12, 2009

Andrew Is So True

Andrew is my sweet son. He is always so caring and thoughtful. Quiet and pensive, Drew seems to take in everything going on around him without much of a reaction. Yet he always lets me know he is aware of what is going on. For instance, I have Achilles tendonitis in both of my ankles due to an injury from running too much and too hard. My sweet son is the one who will ask me how they are doing. He will sit and rub my feet, being careful not to touch the wrong spots or squeeze too hard.
Tonight before bed this is a conversation we had:
“Andrew, honey, I am so proud of you for being YOU,” I said. We had parent conferences today and he is doing so well. We had been talking about his straight A's.
“Thank you, Mom. I am proud of you, too.”
“Really? Why?”
“For being such a great mom and taking such good care of us and the house, for cooking us meals and washing our clothes. Just everything!” Andrew said.
Those words nearly brought me to tears. Andrew is like that. I guess because he is the middle child, he tries not to make waves. But he is so perceptive and wise for his age. He understands why people do certain things in this big world around him. I am so grateful that God gave Andrew to us. My prayer is that we do God's will raising him. We are trying!

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