Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Ring
by Laurie Kolp

She is ninety-four-years-old
And her memory is fading
Gone is the beautiful ring
Her husband gave her
All those years ago
She had the ring on
The other day and
Now has no clue where
The one last thing
She has from her
Fifty-year marriage
Since cancer took
Her husband long ago
Could have gone
But she can remember
Her wedding day-
Cake, flowers, dancing
Friends and family
By her side
A joy she holds onto
When she looks at
The ring
She searches for hours
Retracing her steps
Checking all her pockets
And going through the garbage
Her weary, tired body
Eventually tells her
To call it a day
As she goes to
Brush her teeth
She finds the ring
In the box of
Baking soda
Over the sink
She smiles
As she brushes
Her teeth and
Then looks up
And says
“I love you”

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