Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Day
by Laurie Kolp

One day
there will be
no one barging in
while I am trying
to take a shower,
or waking up
at seven on a
Saturday morning
to a pair of eyes
hovering over
me in the dark;
no sounds of joy
from children
on Christmas morn,
or millions of
excuses why not
to go to church;
no more tried
and failed recipes
for vegetables,
or dishing out
money left and right
for numerous school
gone will be the
days I feel like
a taxi cab running
back and forth
between activities,
and playing nurse,
maid, cook and tutor.

I will miss these
good ole days.

1 comment:

gina m said...

I try to remind myself of this daily. When troublesome things happen we tell ourselves "This, too, shall pass." The problem is this: It's true of the good things, too.

Nicely done.