Friday, October 2, 2009

Slow Down

I can be such an extreme person. For example, the last time I blogged I shared my gratitude with you, but within the hour, I found myself feeling less than grateful. You see, Mr. K was out of town for the day and so I had to get Katie, Drew and Nicholas up, fed, and ready for school by myself. Then I had to get them to school in time so I could get back and go for my daily run and have a shower before a 9:30 meeting I wanted to attend. Whew~ that tires my out just thinking about the tight schedule I always seem to put myself on. Anyway, as we were on our way to school (having left later than usual), a car nearly ran into us as it was backing out of its driveway, so I had to honk. Then we got behind a tractor going ten miles per hour on a two-lane residential street. I had to pass it when I got the chance. But the final straw that broke my serenity was when we got to the carpool line and I was waiting to drop the kids off. I let a tiny, wee little gap get in between the car in front of me and our car and an obnoxious DAD cut right in front of us! Boy, was I hot. As the kids got out, I told them I would really like to go and say something to him, but I wouldn't because that is not what God would want me to do. Then I kissed them goodbye and wished them a wonderful day with a smile on my face. But when I got out of the school parking lot, I zoomed behind that rude dad and tailed him, while flashing my brights at him. Shame on me. I pulled my baseball cap down so he wouldn't see me and then we went separate ways. When I finally was able to run, I started to feel guilty about my behavior, so I prayed the Serenity Prayer and asked God to forgive me. I also asked God if I could just start the day over from then. And guess what? My day went better, except that I strained both of my ankles running too much. That is another extreme of mine~ either I don't exercise at all, or I exercise excessively. I always think that because I used to run five miles a day (ten years ago) that running three miles a day is moderate. But I forget that I need to WORK up to that and I don't have to run EVERYDAY. So now, I am hobbling around, alternating ice packs between my ankles and wishing I knew how to be a little less extreme. Maybe God is trying to tell me something, like SLOW DOWN! Today, I can...but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Weekends with three busy kids can get hectic. Wish me luck!


Jeni said...

That is good that you are aware & learning what works & what doesn't! My day is always a little off kilter when I'm rushing... I'm glad you were able to turn your day around! Remember next time someone upsets you "if you let them get to you then they got you!". You don't want that & you don't deserve that... It's your world my friend! I'm so proud of you!!!

Lisa Grissom said...

I had to LOL when I read your post because I have so had days like that. And in the midst of a day like that it sure is hard to believe that starting the day over is even possible. Did you read my blog post on The Divinity of Do-Over's?