Saturday, June 18, 2011

At the Threshold, Part II

I was thrilled when Paula Wanken commented on my last piece, At the Threshold. She said the poem inspired her to write a haiku. They both sounded so good together, we've combined them into one piece. My original poem is first, followed by Paula's haiku. She provided the perfect picture. Thanks, Paula!

Try to walk alone, bigshot
Hands in pocket, head high
Random thoughts of another
Each one with a sly motive
Slanderous gossip slithers
Heavenward– tempers reach
Open flames they burn, too
Leaving scars on self-will
Don’t slam the door on God


He stands at the door
He doesn’t force His way in
He waits patiently

2011-06-18 / L. Kolp & P. Wanken


Enchanted Oak said...

This is very strong work from both of you. I'm impressed by your restraint in the first version, when you don't draw attention to your mirrored thresholds. And your final line, in my reading of it, is as strong as the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Don’t slam the door on God..
superb! when somebody lost their way, you persuade them that whatever our mistake, God still waiting their self realization. the words seemed flow by revelation. :)