Sunday, July 31, 2011

Standing Outside the Holy Fortress

I stand outside the fortress
a weed I sprout in fear
voices jangle, I try to hide
my head rattles ear to ear.

Have I lost my mind to think
the splinters would dissolve
how you pierced my heart again
a skewed image I can’t absolve?

And I was on my knees
and I was crying out to you
seeking redemption, forgiveness
within this tainted view.

A cloak I felt enwrap me
pick me up, carry me in
a vision I won’t long forget
the day you freed me from all sin.

@laurie kolp

Prompt inspirations: Sunday Whirl and Poetic Bloomings


Mary said...

I like this poem, Laurie. It begins with a pleading intentsity and ends with hope!

Elizabeth said...

I would have to echo Mary's comment. We seek comfort in our beliefs and this time it was rewarded.


Peggy said...

I like that you took this to hope, Laurie.

Marianne said...

You took us from suffering to redemption with this poem, Laurie. Well done!

Mike Patrick said...

And now you stand within.

vivinfrance said...

This has to be my favourite of this week's wordle poems. I admire your spirit!

Susannah said...

Nicely done Laurie.

Anonymous said...

I like the progression from despair to hope, Laurie.

brenda w said...

This is a strong piece, Laurie. I especially like "a weed I sprout in fear," and the love that underscores your final stanza.