Friday, July 29, 2011

The Tragic Tale of Amber and Andy

Last night I had this laboriously worded story ready to post. In fact, I had saved and previewed it when on a sudden whim, I decided to switch the pictures around. Bad idea. I lost the whole thing. Here's my attempt to recreate the original piece.

Art by Margaret Bednar
Amber once was a colorful child who adored playing dress-up for tea parties and pretending to be Cinderella. She gently coaxed her twin brother, Andy, to play the part of handsome prince many times. They spent long summer days lost in another world, and during the school year they were inseparable.

As they grew older, Amber became what Andy called a "snapping turtle." She'd come out of her room, snap at the first person she crossed and then retreat back into her shell. Her once smiling face morphed into a pouty Angeline Jolie-type smirk. Whenever they were forced to come together, Amber called her little brother a "smelly oaf who couldn't even comb his own ratty hair." Once converged, the siblings drifted into a parallel relationship of animosity.
Image by Jinksy

Until the night they were forced to put their differences aside after an accident claimed the lives of their parents. Their car had careened off the winding mountain side into the ruthless water below. Through tragedy the twins discovered the bond they had formed as children was everlasting; it was the glue that held them together. Amber and Andy moved back into the cottage by the sea where they had grown up. Before long they retreated back into a simpler life of tea parties and fairy tales, the coping mechanism which eventually drove them to the rocky waves where they met their parents and lived together as a family forever more.

Prompt inspiration: Alias Jinksy

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Ann Grenier said...

Oh my God, no words for this, Laurie. It scares me to dig too deeply into the reason why. It certainly is an imaginative, dark tale - deeply effecting.

Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks, Ann. I wasn't sure about it... glad you like it. I'll leave the why up to your imagination. = )

jabblog said...

I wasn't expecting the dark ending - how sad.

Jinksy said...

Oh, my goodness me! There's a turn up for the books!
But you forgot to add your name to the Linky List! I shall away and do it for you right now!
Thanks for playing again...

Margaret said...

From happiness to such tragedy! I can relate to the first paragraph, thank goodness. but not the rest. It's the stuff I only want to experience in books!

Jeni said...

Amazing descriptive writing. So much in such a little amount of words. Well done my friend. well done. sad ending, I guess. Although I believe life goes on even when we die.... I don't get so sad anymore when I hear of death. Only for those that are left to grieve... you know why! Love you Laurie... sorry i've been away so long! too busy! but you've been on my mind!