Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Just Like the Olden Days..."

I have a confession to make. When Nicholas woke up feeling bad this morning from a cough and a cold, I did not hesitate one bit to say, "Okay you can stay home." Wouldn't that mean I could stay home, too? No worries about who is barging in on my art classes or how I'll get everything ready for the upcoming art show (didn't I mention the teacher who quit sent ALL the year's work home, so we are starting from scratch?). So I called my wonderful supervisor who is so very understanding and voila - I was able to stay home with Nicholas. He laid on the couch, eyes watery and coughing quite a bit while I tried to catch up on some writing and laundry. Then I told him he was experiencing history today and made him watch Obama's inaguaration.

By 11:45, while engrossed in the presidential inaguaration, Nicholas looked at me and said, "I think I'm better now. Let's go do something." He had enjoyed the music played by the trio and written specifically for this occasion, which he called "Japanese"- don't ask me why, but by the time we got to the poet (which of course was the highlight for me) he had had enough.
I looked at him and said, "You really didn't feel that bad this morning did you?"
He answered, "Well, no. But it's just like the olden days isn't it?"
I gave him a big hug and said, "Yes it is. I have a secret for you, too- I really didn't want to go to work either."

So we popped some popcorn and watched the rest of the inaguaration until it was time to go get Katie and Andrew, and just like the olden days, we took the DVD player for the car and the same movie we took everyday last year, and watched it while we waited for school to let out. Oh how I love days like this!!

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Jeni said...

Life is too short to be wasted! It's measured by our moments not the moments we lost. You had a beautiful moment of a day! Good for you! Quality day!